Sunday, June 22, 2014

Offerstigen - Regndolk

Artist: Offerstigen
Album: Regndolk
Label: Self-released
Limitation: Unknown
Country: Sweden
Genre: Funeral Doom/Sludge/Black Metal
Year: 2014

Gnarled, ultra heavy, sludge-tainted black metal from Sweden. The debut, home-made, DIY j-card and cassette are almost as charmingly disgusting as the 3 songs and 17 minutes of crushing music contained therein. The project seems to be shrouded in a fog of mystery, which is definitely appropriate for sounds of this nature, and if the quality remains consistent, it's easy to expect great things from these maniacs. In a year of outstanding debut recordings, Regndolk definitely ranks high on my list - grab a physical copy before the word gets out.

1 comment:

  1. Discovered this band some weeks ago, really awkward sound here but I ended up enjoying it exactly for that reason. Nice blog btw. Cheers!