Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Gambanteinn - Nieleva Pimeys

Artist: Gambanteinn
Label: Fettered Redwoods (FR-004)
Limitation: 200 Copies
Country: Finland
Genre: Black/Thrash Metal
Year: 2014

Fettered Redwoods once again unearths another amazing release with the new EP from upstart Finnish black-thrashers Gambanteinn. While definitely a new direction in sound for the label, Nieleva Pimeys, as per usual, maintains an incredibly high standard of songwriting quality and dedication to its subject matter. The melodies and riffs, while almost inhumanly catchy, retain a truly driving and aggressively primal feel throughout, while the unhinged vocal delivery deals with themes of þursian worship in keeping with the label's aesthetic ideals. As always, TOTAL FUCKING SUPPORT.

"Bow to the wisdom of the Primordial Giants - Liberation through Chaos!"