Monday, June 23, 2014

Carved Cross - Demo III

Artist: Carved Cross
Album: Demo III
Label: Nocturnal Emissions (NE-10)
Limitation: 66 Copies
Country: Australia
Genre: Raw Black Metal
Year: 2014

Shambolic, melancholic, draining and repetitive in the best possible ways. This is black metal art as only Carved Cross can summon it - at this point they've essentially created their own sub-genre, and on this demo they're at the height of their devastating powers. This isn't depressive black metal like the kiddies play; there's a vast and staggering well of sadness to these sounds. While late last year's full-length Futile Reflections Of A Failed Existence was utterly and overwhelmingly worshipful, they've upped the ante once more with this release. Truly one of the most effortlessly great cults of the last few years.

"Nocturnal Emissions For The Blackline Elite."

LISTEN (Digital files courtesy of On The Board)

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