Friday, May 1, 2015

Circle Of Salt - Suffer The Cold

Label: GreySun Records (GSR-007)
Limitation: 100 Copies
Country: Canada
Genre: Black Metal
Year: 2014

Yet another amazing offering from the Pacific Northwest's preeminent up and coming metal/experimental tape label, Greysun Records. This time we have a slow burn of beautifully atmospheric mid-paced black metal from the mysterious Canadian horde(?) Circle of Salt. Seemingly emerging fully formed from out of the aether, this cassette-only release definitely has my interest piqued for this all but unknown group. Suffer the Cold delivers two lengthy song-cycles in two parts each that flow together beautifully for the duration of the album's approximately 35 minute run-time. I'm surprised that this stunning release hasn't received more attention from the press - GreySun is synonymous with quality and has yet to put out a release that didn't completely blow my mind. Regardless, I'm sure we'll be hearing much more from Circle Of Salt as the band's (and label's) reputation inevitably escalates. I can't recommend this album highly enough.



  1. Bit belated but fuck man, this is such a good catch! Have you listened to the split with Taggarik yet? Arctic mountainous fury for daaays

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