Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Auroral - Summer MMXIV Demo

Artist: Auroral
Label: Void Journeys (VOID 003)
Limitation: 30 Copies (1st Pressing, 2nd Pressing Possible)
Country: US
Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal
Year: 2014

It is with great pleasure that I announce the formation of the Void Journeys' family, and more specifically, new recording project Auroral. It's time for a long-overdue run-through of the amazing new(ish) rehearsal tape from this brand-new black metal two-piece. While both sides of the tape contain versions of the same two songs, it's extremely interesting to hear how the pieces developed over the notably short time (actually just a few days) between the first two rehearsal recordings on Side-A, and my personal favorite, the relatively well-recorded live takes on Side-B, which round out the group with the addition of a live bass player. Both songs are long-form cascadian sounding exercises in high atmosphere as well as emotion, and while there are no vocals on either take, the tremolo picked guitars speak clearly enough for themselves, weaving in and out of the simple but highly effective drumming, as well as the purportedly unrehearsed but decidedly adept bass guitar. Unfortunately, it's possible that this amazing document may be our last exposure to Auroral, as both members are in a number of other time-consuming projects. 

One of which is also a Clothbodies endorsed Void Journeys' release I've been enjoying quite a bit lately, realized by the guitarist of Auroral, called ...Of Stars. Compared to Auroral... Of Stars is another beast completely. Self-described as 'Acoustic Night Worship' by the musician in question, I don't think I could have said it any better myself. Four songs of beautifully raw acoustic guitar playing recorded outdoors after nightfall on an evening in 2013. These two recordings work almost in tandem; ...Of Stars being the palate cleansing come-down to Auroral's tempestuous black metal attack. As these were both pressed in relatively low quantities, I'm not sure if the beautiful, DIY physical versions are still available, but I highly recommend getting in contact with Void Journeys ASAP to secure a copy if at all possible. If not, Clothbodies has digital files of Auroral's demo up for your enjoyment through mutual agreement with the band (and digital files of ...Of Stars forthcoming shortly). Reminiscent of several early Woodsmoke recordings in terms of feeling as well as fidelity and execution (especially Leech), these songs deserve to be heard by as many fans of atmospheric black metal as possible, and not lost in the deluge of internet obscurity - Fullest Possible Recommendation.


  1. Fantastic stuff here. The Woodsmoke/Leech references caught my attention and were quite apt indeed. Thanks for the new discoveries!