Sunday, August 3, 2014

Ardour Loom - Demo I

Artist: Ardour Loom
Album: Demo I
Limitation: 100 Copies
Country: US
Genre: Black Metal
Year: 2014

I'm surprised this album hasn't had more of a spotlight in the media, as Ardour Loom's first demonstrational recording is one of the finest debuts of the last few months. Majestically transcendent atmospheric black metal featuring members of the mighty northwestern funeral doom juggernaut Aldebaran, Ardour Loom has mastered their own style of hypnotic, ascendant and emotionally draining darkness. This is the kind of album (and it definitely FEELS more like an album than a demo) that lends itself to repeat listens - it doesn't reveal all of its secrets upon first observation and definitely rewards the patient listener over its 40 minute run-time. If these guys flew under your radar, head over to Parastic Records online store and get your hands on a copy of this gem before it's gone.

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