Sunday, March 23, 2014

Hellebore - Anouof Thwo

Artist: Hellebore
Album: Anouof Thwo
Label: Sol Y Nieve (SYN-012)
Limitation: 100 Hand-numbered Copies
Country: Canada
Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal
Year: 2014

Hailing from the highly fertile musical grounds of Quebec, one-man band Hellebore's debut full length is almost the polar opposite of label Sol Y Nieve's other recent signing, Nemorensis. The unpronounceable Anouof Thwo is an infinitely stranger beast, containing labyrinthine, psychedelic riff-based songs sprinkled with warm, looping and distinctly un-black metal sounding sci-fi synths and a super raw, almost industrial vibe. This one took me a few listens, but once it clicked, it hooked me completely. I'm not sure where Sol Y Nieve is finding these amazing unknown bands - maybe talent just attracts talent, but they're definitely a label to watch for anyone with an interest in underground black metal.

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